AktivBody’s workouts have been designed to enable you to exercise anywhere, in under 30 minutes. No gym equipment is required, however, you may use an optional booty band for some of the exercises. All you need is a positive mind, a stable chair and a smile 🙂

All of the resistance workouts are between 26-30 minutes long. The quick challenges are between 8-12 minutes long.

No 🙂 The entire program has been designed with everyone in mind and is suitable for all fitness levels. Extensive and comprehensive demonstration videos and explanations have been provided to ensure correct form and guidance. We have also provided tips on how to make the workouts more challenging for those who are more advanced. You are also welcome to write to us and Kath can help you adapt the program specifically for your level and needs. Please email us at for all your questions.

Here are some tips to challenge yourself:

  1. In the interval workouts, you can increase your working time and decrease your resting period. i.e. going from 45 secs on/15 secs off to – 50 secs on/10 secs off.
  2. Increase the number of time you repeat each set i.e. repeating a set from 3 times to 4 times.
  3. Use a booty band for extra resistance on the booty exercises. 
  4. Skip on the spot during your resting intervals. This will increase your cardiovascular training during your workout.
  5. Add more resistance workouts to your week by repeating them on a LISS day.
  6. Repeat your weekly challenge on your LISS days.
  7. If you have weights, you can add them to your workouts. i.e. holding dumbbells while squatting or lunging.
  8. Complete all push-ups on your feet, not knees.
  9. Tricep dips can be done with your legs straight or raised on a chair.

When you purchase our program, you will receive an email with variations for the exercises that are more strenuous on the body. Otherwise, you are more than welcome to contact our support team and Kath will find a variation exercise for you and your specific injury.

Please email us at for assistance.

Nothing will happen if you miss a workout. If you can complete your workout on one of your LISS days in the following week, that would be a bonus, otherwise just move on and get back on your schedule as soon as you can! You won’t lose all your progress from one missed day.

We have a dedicated support team and community ready to answer any questions that you might have. Please email us at for all your questions.

Alternatively, you could always write on one of our social media platforms and another AktivBody babe on the same journey as you, might be able to help and answer your question. We are all in this together!

Once your payment has been processed, you’ll be able to log in to our exclusive member’s area where your programs can be downloaded. The introduction program will include all the necessary links to access your demonstration videos and support systems.

Please don’t share your purchase with anyone. AktivBody’s 12-Week Workout Progam has been put together with so much love and passion. We’ve spent months of hard work and dedication preparing our comprehensive programs for you. If you share any document, downloads or user login with others, you will be removed from your account indefinitely.

Since these files are instantly available for download upon purchase, we do not accept returns or exchanges on digital items. If you have any questions about this listing, please do not hesitate to contact us at